Benefits of Getting a Massage in Winter


The winter’s chill and cold can be felt by everyone. However, did you know that it can affect you physically as well? Here at Wellness Mountain in Toronto, we know about the benefits of massage therapy or even Thai massage more than anyone else. Especially during the winter season. Here are some benefits for you to consider!

Winter Blues

During winter, we must ensure we take care of our emotional and psychological wellness so we can be stress-free and happy. One way you can accomplish is to have a massage therapy session. It is a great way to get out of the winter lows and keep you feeling bright and happy. Getting a massage in winter, not only winter though, can increase serotonin, and dopamine production to reduce anxiety, depression, and seasonal affective disorder.

Increased Energy

There are so many types of massages, and some of them are offered at our location. Including Thai massages, and massage therapies. What’s great about them is that they all manipulate the tissues in a way that makes them easier to move. This, in turn, makes the person feel more energized since they can do not have much pain and not have a hard time moving their muscles

Boosts Your Immune System

During the winter, everyone is more likely to catch a cold. However, you are in luck, since massage therapy sessions are a proven immune booster. This is due to the increased lymph flow from massages, that contains white blood cells to fight off bacteria and infections. Plus, it is known that your mental well being can affect your overall health. Hence, you are ensured to have an easier time handling the winter effects!

Improved Circulation and Healthier Skin

The cold and harsh winter season is detrimental to your body. Dry winter air, cold winds, and other factors can dry your skin quickly. This happens through the low temperature that results in your blood vessels constricting, then decreasing blood circulation and increasing blood pressure. Hence, your organs are unable to function properly.

Massage therapy or even Thai massages are proven to improve your skin hydration, blood flow and many more. Oils and lotions used to massage contain vitamins and minerals that help your skin absorbs better through massages. Blood flow will increase as well thus lowering blood pressure and increasing body temperature.

If you have any questions regarding anything mentioned or even any comments about getting a massage in winter, Please contact us!