Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

hot stone massage

A hot stone massage, like other massages, have their benefits. Hence, in this post, we will be discussing the benefits of hot massages, and hopefully convince you, the reader, to try our hot stone massages!

#1 – Helps Soothe Muscle Pain & Tension

There is a reason why heat has been used to help with these issues. Saunas and hot springs are known for offering this, and it’s for good reason. The heat that is dissipated into the body helps increase blood flow & circulation, which is critical to healing. It has the added benefit reducing muscle spasms and increasing flexibility & range of motion. On the flip side, cold therapy relieves you of inflammation. Therefore, having an alternating session of hot and cold stones during your message is helpful as well.

#2 – Alleviates Your Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are to two conditions that people nowadays deal on a daily basis. However, some people find it more difficult to handle them than others. But, there are options available, and one of them is massages. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, massage therapy can be effective for stress relief. For instance, a study found that 15-minute massages, in workplaces greatly reduced stress in comparison to 15-minute breaks without massages.

#3 – Helps With Getting Sleep

It’s also been shown to improve sleep, according to numerous studies. It is also known that giving a baby massage is one of the first techniques used to help infants sleep. Hence, if you are having trouble sleeping, do give massages a try, for it can help you!

#4 – Alleviate symptoms of Autoimmune Diseases

There are conditions where many individuals suffer from pain on a day to day basis. Some experience severe and chronic pain that leaves them unable to do anything. One such condition is fibromyalgia, where the victim has widespread, chronic pain. Yet, it is possible that massages can help and possibly alleviate the symptoms. During a study, it was observed that patients who received a 30-minute massage slept longer and noted having fewer chronic pain experiences than those who didn’t.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to have had from hot stone massages. However, if you have any questions, contact us!