Hot Stone Massage

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First of all, in hot stone massage the therapist places hot stones on specific points on your body. Stones can be placed on different spots around your body, like face, chest, stomach, feet, toes. The heat and the weight of the stones are relaxing the muscles, allowing the therapist to apply deeper pressure. While at the same time, due to the relaxed muscles, you do not feel discomfort. Also, sometimes the hot stones massage therapist may hold the stones while applies pressure to your body. Moreover, after a session with hot stones, sometimes therapists are using cold stones too. As a result, any engorged blood vessels and the skin are calming down.


Hot stones massage is a  really beneficial massage. Furthermore, except of what we mentioned above, like relaxing, hot stones massage is also being used for the following conditions:

  • Depression
  • Back pain
  • Anxiety

Want to know how is the experience of hot stones massage? We will describe below the procedure:

  • After the stones are placed in your body, it is going to take a few minutes to feel the heat from the stones
  • Next, therapist applies oil to the skin
  • Therapist uses massage techniques on the back, legs, neck and other parts of the body
  • A typical hot stone massage last from one hour to one hour and a half

Typically, the stones should be in a temperature that are not uncomfortable for you. So, if you feel that kind of feeling, you should let your therapist know. In a typical procedure, you are not going feel burn or pain.

In conclusion, hot stones massage is a great beneficial experience, which all of you should try at least once. So our well trained staff is here to give the best possible experience.

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