Reflexology Toronto provides reflexology service that is now within your reach! Our experienced staff provide the best reflexology experience you can get in the city of Toronto. We also have answered some questions you may have below.

Reflexology Toronto

  • What is Reflexology?

    It is a type of foot massage we consider as an alternative treatment therapy to other forms of massages. Our therapists will be using finger, hand and thumb techniques and pressure to give you comfort and relief. We will do this massage while not using oil or any other type of lotion.

  • What benefits can I expect from it?

    The benefits you will be getting from reflexology is relief from any tension, stress and pain you have. We can also alleviate any feelings of depression, and anxiety you are experiencing. In addition, reflexology can help you gain clarity and better mental focus.

  • What can I expect during a session?

    During a session, we will not ask you to undress your clothes other than removing shoes and socks. The therapist will be washing and cleansing your feet and hands with a solution. The therapist might use a chart which he will be using to locate areas on your hand and feet. Through this, we can address specific health issues you may have.

  • Why should I pick reflexology over others forms of massages?

    Reflexology has the ability to efficiently target health issues a client has. It can also provide more relief and comfort than other types of massages.

  • Can the lack of oil and lotion hurt me during the massage?

    During a massage, you can feel pain at times. Hence, we recommend informing the therapist to use lighter pressure during your massage. Our main goal at Reflexology Toronto is striving for client comfort and safety. Therefore listening to your needs is our concern.

We invite you to contact us and seek further information regarding questions you may have. If you desire to proceed, feel free to book an appointment with us. Our contact info can be found here!

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