How To Treat Low Back Pain

low back pain

Have you ever heard about low back pain? We bet you have. How to treat lower back pain? Maybe not. Seems like scientific researches shows that over 80% of the population in western countries are going to experience at least one episode of low back pain (LBP) during their lives. LBP is often described either as pain, muscle tension or stiffness and as a mix of them sometimes. Healthcare professionals provide a large scale of therapeutic techniques and over the last decade articles and guidelines related to low back pain have published in the web.

Now let’s focus on how to treat pain and the way our therapists in Wellness Mountain can contribute on that. But first let’s say a few words about diagnosis of LBP. It is classified in two main categories; specific and non-spesific low back pain. On the one hand, the main causes for the specific low back pain are osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis or a fracture. On the other hand non-specific is a pain without a certain origin or cause. Low back pain treatment is a really hard thing to be accomplished and solutions like bed resting are rejected by the scientific community.

How to treat low back pain in Wellness Mountain

In Wellness Mountain we specialize in the treatment of non-specific low back pain, pain that has not a specific origin. We have a variety of different massage types to choose from and all of them could give you a hand with your low back pain.

  • Traditional thai massage is a type that uses no oils or lotions. In addition, it is focusing on compressing, pulling and stretching the body. 
  • Hot stones massage is a speciality massage where our therapists are using hot stones. This technique helps the body to relax by giving the therapist a chance to work deeply, while being more efficient.
  • Nuad Boran thai massage is not the traditional massage you have used to. Our professional therapists in Wellness Mountain are using an energy-based healing system that combines reflexology with yoga postures. Finally, the results of Nuad Boran thai massage are focusing mainly to clear energy blockages and relieve tension.

Try one of our massage techniques and you will start feeling relieved from the back pains!

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