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Thai Massage in Toronto services! Our experienced staff provide the best thai massage experience in the city of Toronto. Check out useful information below.

Thai Massage - Thai Passive Stretching Legs Techniques
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What is Thai Massage?

First of all, Thai massage is an ancient healing practice from Thailand. Moreover, in this intensive therapy recipients are assisted in various stretches and pressure is applied to pressure points located along meridians using the therapist’s hands elbows and even the feet. Flexibility, blood flow and energy are increasing and the result is a long-lasting feeling of wellbeing. RMT are doing all massages!

What does it do for you?

It revitalizes you by releasing stubborn muscle knots and relieves aches and pains.

What is done to you?

Practitioners use their knowledge of pressure points to apply pressure as well as assisted stretches designed to relieve pain and induce lightness and flexibility.

How is Thai Massage different from other massages?

A Thai massage is a deep massage. Expert practitioners will search out pressure points. Our therapists are not using brute force, a skilled therapist will apply pressure to smooth out muscle knots and effect healing. So yes, some of these pressure points can be tender, especially on the initial visits. Thai massage has sometimes been described as ‘lazy man’s yoga’ because, in addition to using their hands, elbows knees and feet to work out knots and aches practitioners’ may coax you into various poses and stretches to increase flexibility.

Does it hurt?

Can you handle the truth? People return to Wellness Mountain over and over again because it makes them feel great. You will not feel any discomfort before your session ends but the lightness and sense of wellbeing will last for many weeks. So, yeah, maybe a little.

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Our signature Thai Massage duration ranges from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours. Pick your duration and begin your healing journey.

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